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Hi everyone, I have decided to sell my business operations for Chance McCloud e-pipes.

The sale includes all existing inventory and a huge lot of parts including many old pipes, chargers, batteries, clearomizers and everything a new buyer would need to make pipes. The photo shows the entire lot as pf April 2018. There are some extra parts not shown to be included. The parts alone are valued at over $2,500 and the inventory is valued at over $3,000 as of this update. This is an excellent opportunity for someone with even minor creative and crafting skills to start your own business. Since it's turn key, and ready to go, profits can be realized immediately. Although I did not have time to properly promote the business, I get a ton of inquiries that I could not fill due to other work and personal projects. Setting up this business at steampunk and similar festivals could generate substantial income, as I often sold out inventory at special events. Additional income potential for producing wholesale products for clients. The sale also includes the website / web name.

Please contact me here for immediate purchase or for any questions.

Each of our e-pipes are hand crafted using genuine vintage, unusual and/or antique parts, including antique pipe bowls. Unlike most electronic pipes, only one hand is required to use our pipes, just like the real thing. This is because we use high power automatic batteries that activate when the user draws air into the stem. In addition, unlike most e-pipes, batteries can be exchanged in seconds. This allows unlimited vaping. Another popular advantage to our pipes is that they can also be used as stand alone e-cigarettes because the battery and clearomizer slips out of the stem.

Our hand crafted e-pipes are a 100 percent legal combination of e-cigarette components and antique tobacco pipes that can only use legal, e-juice cartomizers. Our sealed e-pipe modifications cannot be used with banned substances.

So many ways to pay and enjoy your custom e-pipe in just days!

For US orders we accept checks, some gift cards and electronic wire transfers. For orders outside the US we accept wire transfers and eBay Gift Cards only. Please note that we cannot accept PayPal as they do not allow vaping-related purchases.


We now accept Target, Wallmart and eBay gift cards for partial or full purchase!

Currently available e-pipes for sale

Most of these electronic vaping pipes are one-of-a-kind creations and are not duplicated.

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About our e-pipes
The majority of our electronic pipes are made from original antique pipe bowls. Some bowls are quite valuable and rare, often costing us over $100.00. Pipe bowls may be used or unsmoked. Each used bowl is cleaned, sanitized and most old carbon is removed (some remains for effect). Bowls can be ordered open or covered. Please note that although each used bowl is cleaned, some residual pipe tobacco smell may remain, but most people do not object as it only adds to the mystique. In most cases, this odor will eventually dissipate. The tobacco aroma or any residue is NOT inhaled through the tip as the e-pipe electronic system and stem are closed and there is no real tobacco in the e-pipe.

Concerning Clearomizers (a type of Cartomizer)
Clearomizers are tanks that hold the e-juice and "vaporize" the liquids via a coil and battery. Our pipes are supplied with cotton wick clearomizers only. We do not feel comfortable supplying pipes with metal, ceramic or fiberglass wicks. Current research suggests that cotton is the least hazardous material to use for clearomizer wicking. In fact, the dust we breath in our homes on a daily basis is mostly cotton fibers. Once you buy a pipe, you are free to use any clearomizer you wish, as long as it works with the battery included with the e-pipe. Please note that all clearomizers have a somewhat short life span. However, we currently supply or e-pipes with clearomizers that use replaceable coils with cotton wicks.

Warranty and Returns
Return Policy: All sales are final. Warranty: We will repair any defaults in our craftsmanship for 30 days, with the exception of cartomizers and batteries that do not carry a warranty. When you purchase your e-pipe, you agree to these return and warranty terms in full. Warranty is voided if the pipe is A: Physically broken or damaged. B: The e-pipe has been dismantled, modified or used with any third party parts or accessories.

Dumb and Dumber.... Contrary to popular misconceptions and illogically enacted laws, e-pipes are not made with nicotine contents (like cigarettes and pre-packaged e-cigs), and they do not have to be used with nicotine. There are many wonderfully-flavored e-juices that are nicotine free. Without nicotine, an e-pipe is no different that an ordinary antique pipe. In fact, you could do more illegal things with an old wood pipe bought off an auction site than with our e-pipes! The stupidly surrounding e-pipes is comical -- despite the well known fact that millions of people have stopped smoking deadly tobacco products by switching to vaping. The only potential problem with vaping arises when consumers use cheap parts or supplies from unknown sources. Many clearomizers and electronic pipes made in China contain fiberglass or silica elements in the coils. In addition, some China-made e-juices many contain hazardous chemicals. You should only buy vaping products from known and established sources who list the actual contents.

Our modified pipes are not supplied with e-juice. We do not sell or supply nicotine. You must be 18 years or older to order and all packages must be signed for by an adult. We cannot ship to any location (US or foreign) that has banned e-cigarette sales or ownership. Please check your local laws before ordering. We am not responsible for confiscated e-pipes and the buyer agrees no refund or credit will be issued in such cases.

As always, any e-cigarette or e-pipe comes with the standard warnings about the possible hazards of e-smoking -- so you use at your own risk. Batteries always require careful use.

Thank you!


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